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WA COVID-19 Statistics as reported daily by Mark McGowan

These statistics have been compiled using the information provided on Mark McGowan’s Facebook page each day from 1st February 2022 to current.

Do you think that the statistics are enough to quantify the mandates that Mark McGowan placed upon the state of WA, destroying people and businesses & impacting people’s mental health and relationships?

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10th June 2022 – WA Businesses that are still going to mandate the jabs

Below is a list of WA businesses that are still going to mandate the jabs.  These businesses will be required to undertake their OWN risk assessments to justify the continuing of the requirement for employees to have the COVID-19 jabs.  If they implement it as a policy of their business they will be liable under the current WHS Act 2020 for any injury to their employees who undertake the jab to keep their job.

Businesses keeping the COVID-19 mandate as a company policy in WA:

  1. AGL
  2. Alcoa
  3. Aldi
  4. Alinta
  5. Bankwest
  6. BHP (dropped for booster, still need 2 jabs)
  7. Bridgestone Mining Solutions Australia Pty Ltd
  8. Bunnings (for new staff – tbc)
  9. Coles
  10. Commonwealth Bank
  11. Curtin University (staff and students)
  12. Enable SW
  13. HBF
  14. HCF
  15. KFC (dropped for booster, still need 2 jabs)
  16. Medibank
  17. Qantas
  18. RAC
  19. Telstra
  20. UWA
  21. Virgin
  22. Woolies (presumably includes Big W)

Unsure if these businesses are still mandating:

  1. Officeworks
  2. Target
  3. Uber

Please consider alternatives for your goods and services rather than support businesses that continue to perpetuate the tyranny.  Support your local supermarkets; butcher; bakery; fruit and vege markets etc

**Note**  This list is current as at posting on the 22nd June 2022.  If anyone has any updated information as to the change of status of the above businesses, please contact us.

**Disclaimer**  The above information has been presented as currently available.  It is up to every individual to decide where they chose to access products and services.

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1st June 2022 – WA Further Public Health Measures to be phased out

Our WA state dictator has given a big portion of the workforce a reprieve from the draconian public health measures he started introducing in August 2021.

As of the 10th June 2022 at 12.01 am the following WA Directions were revoked:

  1.  Air Services and Border Worker
  2. Building and Construction Industry Worker
  3. Court and Tribunal Worker
  4. Critical Businesses Worker
  5. Critical Government Regulator
  6. Critical Infrastructure Worker
  7. Education Worker
  8. Fire and Emergency Services Worker
  9. Meat Industry Worker
  10. Ministerial Staff Member
  11. Parliamentary Employee
  12. Port Worker
  13. Public and Commercial Transport Workers
  14. Remote Aboriginal Community Worker
  15. Resources Industry Worker
  16. WA Correctional Facility Entrant
  17. WA Police Force Worker
  18. WA Police Mission Critical Areas

The full Revocation Direction can be found HERE

These are the Directions still in place:

  1. Booster Vaccination Directions
  2. Disability Support Accommodation Worker Directions
  3. Health Worker Directions
  4. Primary Health Worker Directions
  5. Residential Aged Care Facility Worker Directions

The fight is not over as there are businesses that are still continuing to enforce COVID-19 jabs as a condition of employment!  See the Latest News Article ‘Businesses that are still going to mandate the jabs‘.


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Latest ABS Statistics on COVID-19 Deaths – 220 deaths with COVID-19 in 2 years!!!

A message to Mark McGowan!

According to the latest ABS stats, the PM, you and every premier and CHO in the country have destroyed lives, businesses and our freedoms for 83 deaths of people who died WITH COVID-19 with NO underlying causes of death!!

Yes that is right people!! 220 people!! ARE YOU AWAKE YET???? There have been more suicides due to COVID restrictions than that! There have been more deaths from the jabs than that!

How do you sleep at night knowing that you have turned our beautiful free state into a prison state and turned family and friends against each other!!! Disgusting!!

💩 Been responsible for the loss of 1,000’s of jobs.
💩 Been responsible for increasing the operating costs of businesses implementing the BS restrictions.
💩 Been responsible for the loss of 100’s of 1000’s of $ in income and turnover for businesses across the state. Some businesses in the hospitality industry are experiencing drops in takings of 50%+.
💩 Been responsible for 1,000’s of people being separated and isolated from their families and friends across Australia and the world.
💩 Been responsible for what will be the worst mental health crisis in history.
Been responsible for the breakdown of family units due to the fearmongering you spew out everyday.

You were surprised that you didn’t think that so many people disagreed with what you were doing… what friggin planet are you on? You have continually lied about everything for the last 2 years! Protection rates of the jab; opening the border; mandating the booster; the jabs are safe…. lies, lies and more lies!

Nuremberg 2.0 has started… bring it on!


Key Statistics

  • 2,639 deaths where people died with or from COVID-19 that occurred by 31 January 2022 have been registered and received by the ABS. The ABS expects to receive further registrations for this period from the jurisdictional Registries of Births, Deaths and Marriages.
  • The majority of deaths had an underlying cause of death of COVID-19 (2,556).
  • There were 83 people who died with COVID-19.
  • Chronic cardiac conditions were the most common pre-existing chronic condition for those who had COVID-19 certified as the underlying cause of death.

Read more here:

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Stop the Mandates! Building & Construction Industry Says NO!

The WA Building Industry Alliance offer a community for Builders, Subbies & Suppliers and their staff to navigate around these directives and mandates in our industry that go against peoples God given right to freedom of choice.

To get these mandates/directives overturned we need to show the injuries and deaths that are NOT being reported.

This is their chance to make a change, so the more of these case studies the WA Building Industry Alliance receive the better for their cause.

With the support of the MBA and CCI, The WA Building Industry Alliance needs your help!

Download the Survey below, complete and email back to ASAP

Anonymous Vaccine Injury Sheet


If you would like support to share your story personally, then let the WA Conscious Businesses team know by emailing


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Fairwork – The appeals process

Fairwork Commission

After we make a decision in a case, either side may apply for permission to appeal. Most appeals follow the same process unless the Appeal Bench changes it by direction or order.


Help with the appeals process

We can give you information about the procedure to appeal: contact us. We cannot give you legal advice, such as whether to appeal. If you need legal advice, see Where to find legal help.

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Model Code of Practice: Work health and safety consultation, cooperation and coordination

If you’re a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU), this model Code of Practice provides practical guidance on how to effectively consult with workers about work health and safety and meet your duties under the work health and safety (WHS) Act.

You must consult with workers who carry out work for your business or undertaking and who are (or are likely to be) directly affected by a health and safety matter. This model Code of Practice includes ways to facilitate worker participation and representation.

This model Code of Practice will also assist you if you share responsibility with other duty holders for the same health and safety matter. It provides guidance on how to consult, cooperate and coordinate activities with other duty holders to meet your duties under the WHS Act.

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National guide for safe workplaces – COVID-19

What is the purpose of this Guide and who is it for?
This Guide is to assist persons conducting a business or undertaking (e.g. employers) meet their work health and safety (WHS) duties in relation to COVID-19 given the significant risk this disease presents to the health and safety of people at the workplace. Managing WHS risks during the pandemic requires flexibility to respond to changing circumstances and an ability to adapt as more becomes known about the virus and how its transmission can be managed and prevented.

Safe Work Australia has published a range of general and industry-specific advice, guidance and resources on its website to help create and maintain a safe workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic. This Guide aligns with and complements the existing guidance. It provides practical advice for WHS duty holders about how to work safely during the pandemic. It can be used by any duty holders under the model WHS laws that have a role in managing the risk of COVID-19, including persons conducting a business or undertaking, persons with management or control of the workplace and ‘officers’.

More information on WHS duties is available on our website. Our information on officers’ duties
may also assist.

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Dealing with Workplace Bullying – A Worker’s Guide

We are navigating through unprecedented time where employers are using bullying and harassment to coerce employees to provide their vaccination statuses.

If this was happening any time prior to March 2020, it would not be accepted and there would be bullying and harassment claims everywhere!

If you are experiencing workplace bullying and harassment, please read this resource and understand what your rights are.

Dealing with Workplace Bullying – A Worker’s Guide

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