1st June 2022 – WA Further Public Health Measures to be phased out

Our WA state dictator has given a big portion of the workforce a reprieve from the draconian public health measures he started introducing in August 2021.

As of the 10th June 2022 at 12.01 am the following WA Directions were revoked:

  1.  Air Services and Border Worker
  2. Building and Construction Industry Worker
  3. Court and Tribunal Worker
  4. Critical Businesses Worker
  5. Critical Government Regulator
  6. Critical Infrastructure Worker
  7. Education Worker
  8. Fire and Emergency Services Worker
  9. Meat Industry Worker
  10. Ministerial Staff Member
  11. Parliamentary Employee
  12. Port Worker
  13. Public and Commercial Transport Workers
  14. Remote Aboriginal Community Worker
  15. Resources Industry Worker
  16. WA Correctional Facility Entrant
  17. WA Police Force Worker
  18. WA Police Mission Critical Areas

The full Revocation Direction can be found HERE

These are the Directions still in place:

  1. Booster Vaccination Directions
  2. Disability Support Accommodation Worker Directions
  3. Health Worker Directions
  4. Primary Health Worker Directions
  5. Residential Aged Care Facility Worker Directions

The fight is not over as there are businesses that are still continuing to enforce COVID-19 jabs as a condition of employment!  See the Latest News Article ‘Businesses that are still going to mandate the jabs‘.


Posted by Paul Richardson