Dealing with Police & Authorities

These questions and tips have been provided to share.

Always remain calm and speak with respect.
Stand in your power.
If you can, record the whole visit on a phone for later reference.

• Who are you? (Make sure you are given rank & number and you will not answer any requests until they give it to you)
• Under what/who’s authority are you here?
• If they can’t produce documentation that states their authority to enforce the relevant sections of the Act they are enforcing, ask them if they can go get it and after they return with their authorisation you will respond with their requests. (Most of the time they won’t return)
• Who is your superior?
• What is your reason for visiting? Have I committed a crime?
• Do you have the authority for such a request? Are you sure because I will be checking?
• Inform them that you will be checking with your lawyer about their visit, authority and request.
• If they make threats always ask: WHAT LAW have I broken?
• If they are asking for you to produce some sort of documentation you will only do so after your requests for their documentation is delivered to and recorded by you.

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Posted by Paul Richardson