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Compile widget text above the stars.
Once you have set out the text, added bold or list items, added links/email links etc, all done.. THEN.. see tabs in top right corner of THIS text box “Visual”, “Text”, “Page Builder” (don’t touch Page Builder please), choose the text tab. Then you can see the html code for that piece of text. To copy/paste into a Custom HTML widget, you need the html code. Copy the code while in the Text tab (you can “Update” the page in either Text or Visual), then go to the Appearance/Widgets to paste the code into a Custom HTML Widget. You can add a new widget to Sidebar area or edit an existing.

To force a line break in html, use <br>, see how it is used in the Disclaimer widget below. Without the <br>, there’ll be no line break when displayed in the widget. The <br> needs to be added AFTER your code is pasted into the Widget, as the <br> will not apply in a page, only in code/HTML.

Disclaimer widget:
The authors of documents posted to this website assume no responsibility or liability for the content of the information provided and the information is not a substitute for advice from a legal or medical expert.<br> For further information seek out the advice of a relevant expert.
To edit the Disclaimer widget, just edit it directly, go to Appearance/Widgets/, expand the Disclaimer Custom HTML widget, edit and Save.


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