Disability Support Workers

**Disability Support Workers in WA TAKE NOTE!**

Were you working as a Disability Support Worker caring for people in their OWN private homes and are still being denied return to work?  If that is a YES… read on…

This is a topic that I am very passionate about having a child with a disability whose care is constantly a battle due to staff shortages in the Disability Sector.

In an attempt to clarify the current direction for Disability Workers, I contacted Dr Andrew Robertson on the 15th June 2022 and asked the following question:

“In regards to the above new direction (Disability Support Accommodation Worker (Restrictions On Access) Directions) can you please provide some clarity around what constitutes a ‘Disability support accommodation facility’?

The Direction states:

25. Disability support accommodation facility means: (a) a staffed residential service at which treatment or care is provided specifically for people with a disability, whether by carers or others, but does not include: (b) an exempt disability support accommodation facility.

There is no definition what a ‘staffed residential service’ is. Can you please advise what that is?”

After waiting for 54 days for an answer a response has finally been received, after much tooing and froing, from Dr Oliver de Mello, Senior Medical Practitioner, Office of the Chief Health Officer!

“The Disability Support Accommodation Worker (Restrictions On Access) Directions (www.wa.gov.au) do not require workers attending a client’s personal residence (home) to be vaccinated.”

There are disability organisations that are still mandating the jab for ALL their employees even for work in private resident’s homes!

If you were supporting people with disabilities in their own PERSONAL RESIDENCE (HOME) and you are still being denied return to work, please use this information and the below email to contact your employer and ask them why you are still not allowed to work and if they claim it is their policy, then ask them where is their risk assessment to justify the jab as an effective control measure for COVID-19.

You can also provide them with these facts about the low numbers of people in WA who have ended up in Hospital or have died and also the Channel 9 report here revealing that ‘Just 10 per cent of WA lives claimed have been from the virus alone’ something we have known for 2+ years now!

The full email correspondence is available here

I note that as of the time of posting this information, there has been no change to the Disability Support Accommodation Worker (Restrictions on Access) Directions to clarify this information for EVERYONE effected.

If you wish to question this directly then you can email the following:

Disability Support Worker WA don't require vaccination to work in personal residence

8:59:25 PM 08/12/2022

Posted by Paul Richardson in State Directions